Monday, April 30, 2012

Temptation & Twilight by Charlotte Featherstone

(No Spoilers)

Temptation & Twilight is the third and final book in the Brethren Guardians series and is filled with twists & turns, angst & heartache, passion & romance… it’s safe to say, this story has it all, and it’s delivered with so much sensuality that the entire experience feels like a dream.

From his very first words in Seduction & Scandal I’ve been captivated by Iain Sinclair, the man, the kilt and what’s not under it, the brogue that slips through when his guard is down… everything about him has attracted me. We’ve come to see him as an unrepentant rake, a self indulgent man who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it, regardless of who gets hurt. But all that aside, finally getting to know the real Iain, the man who’s so self deprecatingly vulnerable that he dares not show that side of himself to anyone, not even his friends, I couldn’t help but fall hard for him.

We’ve also seen quite a bit of Elizabeth, sister to Adrian, Lord Sussex, in previous books, and yet never really gotten to know her. That all changes in this story as we’re allowed a deeper look into her sightless life, her fears, her dreams… and what an amazing woman she is. Though I knew she and Iain would one day have their own story, I never really felt them as a couple, but all those doubts are gone now and in my mind and heart, they are the perfect match.

Even though we finally learn the true identity of that purely evil being, Orpheus, and understand the true reasons why the Brethren Guardians became his target, I’m sorry to say that this story moved a bit slow for me, the plot never grabbing hold as it did in the previous books. It was Iain and Elizabeth who kept me coming back for more, waiting and watching as they put their pasts, their heartbreak and their mistrust behind him to move forward and find their happily ever after, one so richly deserved.

Temptation & Twilight was provided by in behalf of Harlequin/HQN in exchange for an honest review.


  1. i haven't read this series yet but i like the covers and you make it sound good. i may have to pick it up the next time i am out. :)