Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel (Seduction Diaries #3) by Jennifer McQuiston


Every girl dreams of a hero . . .

No one loves books more than Miss Mary Channing. Perhaps that’s why she’s reached the ripe old age of six-and-twenty without ever being kissed. Her future may be as bland as milk toast, but Mary is content to simply dream about the heroes and adventures she reads about in her books. That way she won’t end up with a villain instead.

But sometimes only a scoundrel will do.

When she unexpectedly finds herself in the arms of Geoffrey Westmore, London’s most notorious scoundrel, it feels a bit like a plot from one of her favorite novels. Suddenly, Mary understands why even the smartest heroines can fall prey to a handsome face. And Westmore is more handsome than most. But far worse than the damage to her reputation, the moment’s indiscretion uncovers an assassination plot that reaches to the highest levels of society and threatens the course of the entire country.

When a tight-laced miss and a scoundrel of epic proportions put their minds together, nothing can stand in their way. But unless they put their hearts together as well, a happy ending is anything but assured.

It’s no surprise that Ms. McQuiston has a loyal following of readers, and it’s the way she brings her characters to life and draws us into their world that keeps us coming back for more – and what a world it is! The tales she tells are not your run-of-the-mill historical romances, they are unique, compelling, exciting, and sure to entertain, first page to the last.

The entire supporting cast is a delight, but Mary and West are wonderful! Each has a strong, independent determination (AKA stubbornness) about them that had me not only laughing and sighing, but also falling in love with them and cheering them onto their happily ever after!

Note: If you love historical romance but haven’t yet tried this author’s writing, you’re missing out and need to take the plunge. Even though The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel is the 3rd in the Seduction Diaries series, I can assure you it can easily be read as a standalone.

An ARC was provided by Avon Books. In appreciation I’m giving them an honest review.

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