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Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

I’ve tried for months to write a review that would do this book justice but I have so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind that I can’t seem to form a coherent paragraph, much less an entire review! So after months of trying and failing, this is the best I could do. Please allow me to present to you –

My Random Thoughts Raview with Spoilers Aplenty:

Last time I checked, the WARDen wasn’t yet claiming to walk on water, so I see no need to critique her writing style, lack of perfection or editing issues, or the occasional minor inconsistencies. Rather, quite simply put; this is about my thoughts on the many storylines and how this book made me feel which I’ll just say right up front was captivated, fascinated, mesmerized and enthralled. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m more in love with the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s world and the Brothers themselves than I was before. And yes, even those Brothers who aren’t Brothers, yet.

At first I was annoyed with the page time devoted to the paranormal investigative crew. I just wanted to read about the Brothers, especially John Matthew, and of course, Xhex. But, and I should have known that this would happen, by the time we reached the end of the book it was clear what their role was and I thought it was a rather ingenious way to bring Murhder back into the fold. And now that Xhex knows exactly where he is, I wonder how he’ll be brought into the story. That is one story I can’t wait to read!

Blay and Qhuinn, collectively known as Qhuay, were just as annoying as ever. Well, let me restate that. Qhuinn was just as annoying as ever. There were several times I wanted to slap him right upside his head. I still think that Blay is too good for him, and that Qhuinn has a lot of ass kissing to do before I’ll ever accept him as Blay’s happily ever after. I suppose that eventually we’ll find out why he’s such a bastard to Blay most of the time, so rather than hold a grudge, I’ll wait for his story when, at last, I’ll come to love him. I have a feeling their story is going to be huge based on the buildup we’ve been given.

How many times have we heard that men and women just can’t communicate? Well, I love how Xhex doesn’t need John Matthew’s words to know what he’s thinking or feeling. Her sympath ability tells her everything he cannot, and what’s more, she feels it exactly as he does so there’s never any miscommunication going on. For a long time I had never really felt that she was a compelling addition to the BDB cast of characters, but Lover Mine changed all that like I knew it would. She’s strong and independent yet fiercely loyal. She’s compassionate, yet takes no crap from anyone. She’s sexy and beautiful on the inside as well as the out. She is, in short, John Matthew’s other half that makes their perfect whole. Or, as John Matthew sees it; 'She was the missing piece to his puzzle, the twelfth in his dozen, the first and last page of his book.'

Speaking of John Matthew *sigh* I’ll be honest here; I had a hard time thinking of him as a Warrior. He was still the pre-trans JM I grew to love and I was worried I’d never see him as anything more than that, but by the end of Lover Mine I saw him as what he’d truly become: A male of worth. I loved how we got a closer look into the deeper side of him.  The aggressive, alpha male who wanted to protect his female, and when he felt that he failed, no one or nothing was safe – not even the treadmill ;)

Zsadist, my favorite Brother of them all. Another *sigh* How far he’s come from the days of keeping secrets, hiding his embarrassment of a past he hadn’t chosen and that he’d had no control over. I loved seeing him get real with JM, open up and finally let it be known that they have more in common than JM had ever realized. I hope they get tight.

Oh, how I enjoyed Darius’ journal entries and watching as he and Tohr became such close friends. It was great getting a chance to really meet Darius – to see what we’ve been missing. And I loved how he took care of Tohr when no one else would and how things have really come full circle, haven’t they?

The Scribe Bitch…errrr….ummm… I mean Virgin (like any of us believe that crock of crap anymore) I’m still not liking her. I think it’s time she retire to wherever it is that old, useless Scribe Virgins retire to and let someone else take over – Oh, let’s say No’One perhaps, who would then be too busy trying to repair the previous Scribe Virgin’s screw ups to get involved with Tohr and ruin his and Wellsie’s happily ever after. Note to the WARDen:  feel free to use that story line for No’One. I won’t ask for any credit or royalties, whatever it takes to keep her away from Tohr. Hey, I’m just sayin’…

Lash – ha! He was on top of the world there for awhile, wasn’t he? Thinking he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Whatever. Amazing how quickly and easily the mighty fall… or should I say, fall apart!! **wink, wink**

Payne!!! I loved getting to know her better. I think she’s going to be such a fantastic addition to the story. I can just see her now, trying to help her twin, Vishous, cope with finding out he’s got a sister. Won’t it be interesting to see how that plays out? V had just begun rebuilding that relationship with his mother and now… WOW! That’s going to be some major drama I don’t want to miss!  I’m thrilled that we’re going to get to see Manny in the next book, too. That’s one man who’s been lurking in the wings too long. I want his story, and soon!

And how could I have almost forgotten Layla?!? That poor girl needs to get laid, end of story.

Some of my favorite quotes from this book, though there were many, I’ll only list a few.

**“No, you’ve got it all wrong, John.” Reading his emotions, she shook her head and eased back. “You’re not half the male you could be because of what was done to you. You’re twice what anyone else is because you survived.” -Xhex

**“Motherf**ker. Bastard ass motherf**ker. C**ks**king rat-bitch bastard motherf**ker!” –Blay (I tried using this on my kids to get them to clean their rooms. It didn’t work and the buggers tried to ground me from Goodreads! Hmmmph! Teenagers.)

**‘When she orgasmed, she said his name. Twice. And didn’t it make him glad that even though he had no voice, his ears worked just fine.’ -JM

**‘You are so beautiful, he mouthed. But of course she couldn’t see his lips. Guess he was going to have to show her.’ -JM

**‘There was broad consensus in the room for the plan, as well as some cheap shots involving Lash’s ass and various kinds of large-bore instruments of impact: size-fourteen boots being the most likely to come to pass, but hardly the most creative. For example, John seriously doubted Rhage could in fact park his GTO in the guy’s sun-don’t-shine. Or would want to.’

Once again I’m in awe of the WARDen’s writing ability and how she can consistently give us such deeply compelling characters who we truly do care about. The story lines are so varied and so many, it’s amazing to me she can keep them all straight! And not only keep them straight, but have them become interwoven book after book.  My only complaint is that she’s not writing fast enough to keep my Black Dagger Brotherhood hunger sated. Oh, that and the fact that Zsadist is still with that Bella chick and hasn’t yet realized that I’ll make a much better shellan than she ever could.

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