Friday, December 21, 2012

Killing Time by Cindy Gerard

Fast paced, action packed and very sexy, Killing Time is the perfect start to Cindy Gerard’s new One Eyed Jacks series! This spinoff of the Black Ops Inc. series opens with Mike “Primetime” Brown’s anxiously awaited story.

Still tortured by the deaths of his team members during a mission dubbed Operation Slam Dunk - a mission gone horribly wrong - Mike is physically scarred and mentally tormented. The memories of that clusterfuck, and his guilt over the decisions he made, haunt Mike every day of his life, but the anniversary of the horrific event is the worse, one, even eight years later, Mike spends trying to drink away the memories.

CIA Attorney Eva Salinas lost her husband in Afghanistan, a casualty of that same OSD clusterfuck. The military trial ended before it even got started when one of the surviving team members accepted full responsibility. Eva has tried to put it all behind her, but after receiving a file from an anonymous source, Eva is wondering if justice has truly been served. Armed with this new information, she is more determined than ever to find out what really happened, and what better place to start than with Mike Brown, the man thought to be responsible for her husband's death?

Though some of their questions are answered, more are being raised, and Mike and Eva find they have a common enemy. With their passion for one another growing, they work together to bring down the bad guys and avenge the men who died in the crossfire of arrogance, greed and ambition.

The bottom line: Time and time again Cindy Gerard delivers romantic suspense the way it should be written - with the perfect balance of action, excitement, romance and steamy goodness! Her characters are people we can't help but connect with and care about, and their happily ever afters are sweet, satisfying and well deserved! Killing Time truly is a great start to this new series, one I'll definitely be following, start to finish!

5 stars!

My thanks to Pocket Books, a division of Simon Schuster Publishing, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. It was such a pleasure!

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