Friday, June 20, 2014

The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Audio) by Julia London and Anne Flosnik

Lady Greer Fairchild hopes to avoid guardian Lord Downey's plan of marriage to the first bidder by seeking her distant inheritance, controlled by Rhodrick Glendower, Earl of Radnor, Prince of Powys. Overly helpful Mr Percy reinforces rumor that the prince is rough, ruthless -- even a murderer. But Greer never imagines the brute would refuse to let her leave his remote Welsh castle until she has proven her identity. Or that she would be powerfully attracted to the passionately virile man whose gruff demeanor belies a proud and sensual nature. Greer falls under his spell, determined to unravel the secrets of her Welsh heritage and the mystery surrounding the dark prince who dares her to become his wife and princess.
4 solid 'Beauty and the Beast' stars

The Perils of Pursuing a Prince is the second book in the Desperate Debutantes Trilogy and a fun, romantic, sexy tale. It was my first taste of Julia London's writing as well as my first listen of Anne Flosnik's narrating, and I enjoyed both very much.

My Quickie Review...

Like several others whose reviews I read, it took me awhile to warm up to Greer and Rhodrick, but the story itself was intriguing and is what kept me reading. Eventually, though, we learn that all the things that make them hard to connect with are, once understood, the same things that make them endearing people. I really did come to adore them, their complicated,. emotional story, and their happily ever after!

Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine

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