Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fortune's Son by Emery Lee

Emery Lee is one of the few authors who can write historical fiction and make it come to life, sweeping us away to another time and place! Through her authentic period dialog and beautiful, vivid descriptions of Georgian era clothing, customs, and the day to day life of both those who have and those who have not, Ms. Lee pulls us into the story and makes us believe we’re right there, living it all, and not just reading about it.

Fortune’s Son, the sequel to The Highest Stakes, had my emotions jumping all over the place and I never knew where they’d end up next. I went from loving our hero, Phillip, one moment, then despising him the next, only to find myself in love with him once again. And our heroine, Lady Messingham… la! If she had any idea of the creative ways I had planned out her slow, painful demise, she’d roll over in her grave! To say she spent a good portion of the book as not my favorite heroine ever, is putting it mildly. But what truly matters is that, in the end, I loved them both and wanted them to find their happily ever after, one that they had spent years working toward and truly deserved.

In case you’re wondering, Fortune’s Son works well as a standalone novel but, honestly, it works much better when read after The Highest Stakes where we are first introduced to Phillip, a major player in that book. To really appreciate Phillip and the personal demons he needs to slay, you need to know the man he was, the man he became, and the man he had the potential to be.

The bottom line – Once again Emery Lee gives us a powerful story of friendship, love, ruin and redemption, and takes us on an emotional journey, a journey you won’t want to miss.

4 of 5 stars

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