Monday, June 3, 2013

And One Last Thing by Molly Harper

OH, how I loved this book!! It's fun, sassy, romantic, sexy - and I do mean sexy - truly, a fabulous story! The dialog is so well written, so witty, and the entire book is filled with the kind of dry humor that has you giggling throughout. The sexual chemistry between Lacey and Monroe is off the charts, and they make a perfect couple in their odd mix of cynicism and optimism! In fact, if "opticism" were a word in the dictionary, it'd be accompanied by a picture of Lacey and Monroe!


When reading an author for the first time, it often takes a bit of getting used to before I fall into the flow of their storytelling, but that's not the case with Molly Harper's And One Last Thing... In fact, I seldom give 5 stars to an author whose work I'm experiencing for the first time because of that very thing, but again, that's not the case with this book.

And One Last Thing... starts out with Lacey Terwilliger being blindsided when she learns that her husband is having an affair with his secretary, and has been for several months. Lacey really never saw that coming and when it hit, it hit hard. To say she 'lost it' is putting it mildly, but thankfully so, because her brand of losing it made for some laugh out loud funny reading!

Because the story takes place in a small town, it's not hard to imagine everyone taking sides, and everyone did - most siding with her soon to be ex-husband Mike, "the faithless, loveless, spineless, shiftless, useless, dickless wonder he is." To escape the onslaught of ridicule, Lacey heads to her family cabin on the lake, looking for solitude and a quiet, peaceful place to sort through what's left of her life. Only, thanks to Lefty Monroe, the man renting the neighboring cabin, her life is anything but peaceful and quiet.

My only complaint is the outrageous cost of this e-book. $9.73 on Amazon? SHAME ON YOU, Simon & Schuster! What are you thinking here?? If you want to hook people on Ms. Harper's writing, this is definitely the book to do it with, but for Pete's sake! Make it affordable enough that those of us on a budget will be willing - and able - to take the risk. SERIOUSLY!!

Okay, got that off my chest!

People, find this book! Used bookstore, library, yard sale, borrow a copy from a friend... whatever you have to do to get your hands this, do it! You will NOT regret it!

Dorsey, thank you, honey, for recommending this book!!! It's exactly what I was looking for, exactly the kind of brilliant, entertaining story I needed to get my mind off things. I am heading straight back to Amazon to see what else I can find - more reasonably priced, that is - by this incredibly talented Contemporary Romance/Chick-lit author!!!

A favorite quote:

"Honey, you might want to calm down and reassess your situation. You don't want to get into a big legal battle here. Mike's like a cat."

"Emotionally unavailable and fond of licking himself?" I asked.

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