Saturday, June 22, 2013

Playing the Field by Jennifer Seasons

Playing the Field  is the second book in the Diamonds and Dugouts series, and once again Jennifer Seasons has delivered a fun, romantic, sexy story.

JP Trudeau is the shortstop for the Denver Rush, Colorado's Major League Baseball team. He's an unrepentant cocky, sexy, chick magnet who enjoys the "perks" of being a celebrity. He loves his job, loves his community, and is pretty well grounded for a guy in his twenties, so when his team sponsors a charity event for diabetic kids, JP's all in. It's a gorgeous day, he's about to play ball with some great kids and he thinks that life can't get better than this... until he spots "one seriously luscious beauty..." headed his way, and life as he knows it is about to change.

Sonny Miller is happy with her life as an organic cheese maker, living on the ranch she grew up on, and then inherited from the grandmother who had raised her. As a child, she had been abandoned by her parents, and then as an adult abandoned by her boyfriend when she became pregnant. Needless to say, Sonny has trust issues. She's devoted to her son, Charlie, and will do anything she has to do to protect him, so she's decided she'll never get involved with a man again, and so far she's been successful. With Charlie's diabetes, she's made sure their life is planned out, well constructed, and safe. Safe, that is, until JP Trudeau swaggers into it. From then on, all bets are off.

This really is a great story! The close knit, unstoppable duo of Sonny and her ten year old son, Charlie, are awesome, and then with the 'knows what he wants and stops at nothing to get it' hunky shortstop, JP, what we have is a winning lineup of characters I couldn't help but adore.

If you love contemporary romance as much as I do, be sure and give this series a try! You won’t be disappointed!!

Many thanks to Avon Books and Edelweiss for providing me with a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. As always, it was such a pleasure!

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