Monday, January 23, 2012

The Merzetti Effect by Norah Wilson

After being attacked and infected with the vampire virus 170 years ago, Dr. Delano Bowen is still searching for a cure so that those who, like himself, wish to go back to being human, can do so. He has every reason to be angry and bitter, but instead of losing himself to those useless emotions and turning rogue himself, he’s focusing his efforts on helping others. Aware that he can’t do it alone, he arranges to meet with Ainsley Crawford who, according to legend, has the Merzetti bloodline that he believes will turn the tide of this war in his favor.

Unemployed and in dire need of money, former Level 1 Trauma Center nurse, Ainsley Crawford, jumps at the chance to interview for a job with Dr. Bowen, but before she’s able to meet with him, she’s brutally attacked by a vampire and nearly killed. Before the vamp can finish her off, and before she succumbs to the darkness, Ainsley is rescued by a good Samaritan who turns out to be none other than Delano Bowen, himself. Before she even knows what hit her, Ainsley finds herself caught in a world where there’s a fine line between good and bad, and there’s a lot riding on her willingness to be a part of it all.

As with all first books in a series there is the necessary world building that, because of the medical backdrop, was a tad confusing to me. However, that aside, I really enjoyed this story because in addition to finding a cure that would make vampirism a choice, not a curse, Dr. Bowen also wants to make sure that these rogue vampires, like the one that turned him, can’t continue preying on society’s weak or less fortunate. To do so, he’s working on a... deterrent, if you will, something akin to being scared straight, and without saying more about it than that, I have to tell you, it’s one of my favorite parts of the story.

The characters, their trials and triumphs… these are people and beings I became invested in and care about. I loved Delano and his dedication to protecting not only the vampire race, but the human race as well, and finding a way for both to exist peacefully. And Ainsley is a great heroine... smart, determined, caring, compassionate… exactly the kind of woman Delano needs by his side. The supporting cast of characters introduced us to some people definitely deserving of their own stories, and I really hope they get them!

The bottom line – In a genre saturated with vampires of every shape, size, color and tormented disposition, it’s always refreshing to find an author who provides a unique take on these beings… their world, their humanity – or their lack thereof, and with The Merzetti Effect this author has given us something a little different, and definitely hot!! I am hoping, hoping, hoping that there will be many more books in Norah Wilson’s Vampire Romance series to come!

My thanks to the author, Norah Wilson, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I have not heard of this series but it sounds very unique. I just saw the new underworld last night and it kind of reminds me of this.

  2. I've enjoyed everything I've read by Norah Wilson, and I'm loving the 2nd book in the Vampire Romance series even more than the 1st!!!

  3. I love Norah Wilson as well and book two of this series was my favorite.

    1. She's a very talented author. I've enjoyed her stories, all of them!