Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan

Wow! Another fabulous installment of the GhostWalker series.

This is book 9 of the GhostWalker series. Our Hero and Heroine, Kane and Rose, met in the labs when they were part of Peter Whitney’s experimental breeding program, but even before they were “paired,” they were drawn to one another. When the opportunity arose, Kane helped Rose escape the labs, but then lost track of her. Now, 8 months later, he’s found her, pregnant with his child, and he’s not about to lose her again.

Ruthless Game has all the same elements as the other GhostWalker books do, but for some reason, this one stood out as being an excellent story. Maybe it was the chemistry between Rose and Kane, maybe it was just a better storyline or maybe it was a little of both, I don’t know. What I do know is that I loved everything about this book, and literally couldn’t put it down. There were times I laughed out loud at Kane’s comments and his internal musings, and I loved that while Rose wanted to be independent, she knew when she needed help and wasn’t too arrogant - or too stupid - to accept it when Kane offered it. Alright, alright... when Kane forced it on her - what else would you expect? These are the epitome of Alpha Males, after all. They're GhostWalkers.

Ruthless Game is an exciting, romantic and super sexy story and easily one of my favorites of the series.

5/5 stars

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