Review Request Guidelines

Please read before requesting reviews! 

Due to family commitments and review obligations I'm unable to accept new review requests -unless you're an author I've already worked with.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The books I'm most drawn to and most likely to enjoy need to have a solid romance. My favorite genres are Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance, and even some Dark Fantasy. Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, YA,  NA, and Urban Fantasy are not books I'm all that fond of.  Also, I do not enjoy stories with open ended or string-the-reader-along happily ever afters. I need instant HEA gratification in my romance reads and prefer this to happen in a single book.

Annnnnnnd, I find I'm falling in love with audio books! Again, though, I need romance, and lots of it!

Please keep this in mind when requesting a review.

It's important to note that I only accept review requests that I know I can read and review in a timely manner, so please don't be offended if I decline a request the first time around. It's in both our best interest if I can take my time and enjoy your book and not feel pressured to rush through it.

Also, part of my review policy is that if I begin your book and find it's not working for me, I'll stop reading and let you know.  I will not review books I don't read beyond the first 50%*.  I feel that's very fair to you and me both, because there's always the chance I might have liked it more had I finished it, but if it's not working for me by the half-way mark, I see no point in forcing myself to read something I'm not enjoying.

If you want to see how I feel about books you might feel are similar to yours, click on the "Home" tab and search my Reviews by Genre. I might have reviewed something you can compare to yours and you'll get a better idea of my likes and dislikes.

*There have been instances when I was reading along and loving a story, then something so appalling happens that I just can't finish. There is the chance that in situations like this, I will review the book, and possibly rate it with a star rating, as well.

For questions about this blog or to request book reviews, please EMAIL ME (blithelybookish AT gmail DOT com) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your time here at BlithelyBookish Reviews!

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