Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior by Michelle Willingham

I recently finished off Ms. Willingham’s MacEgan Brothers series, so I was very excited to find that she has a new series, and instead of Irish warriors, she’s writing about Highlanders!

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior is the second book the MacKinloch Clan series and picks up right where book one, Claimed by the Highland Warrior left off. The MacKinloch clan has come under attack by the English, with their keep and most of their homes having been burned to the ground. Now, once again, the clan must stand united and rebuild not only their buildings, but their lives. The Goodreads blurb -
Alex MacKinloch is chief of his clan and, in these dark times of unrest, he has united his people.

The void between him and his wife is proving a much harder challenge. When Alex discovers Laren has been keeping secrets from him, his thinly veiled frustration can no longer be contained.

The pleasures of the marital bed seem long forgotten to Laren. Yet her warrior husband is looking at her with increasingly hungry eyes… This powerful highlander has seduction on his mind and his wife in his sights!
Now, that might sound like this is just another “seduce her ‘til she succumbs” caveman read, but that’s not at all the case. Seduced by her Highland Warrior is a touching story about two people who, though they’ve been through one of the most difficult times a couple can face – the loss of a child – realize that if they want their marriage to survive, they will have to fight for it. Through well written flashbacks we see Alex and Laren’s early years together, and get both points of views into the hows and whys their relationship fell apart.

This could have been an angsty story, but it wasn’t. I mean, yes, the clan was going through difficult times, and Laren had so much growing to do, but the relationship itself, that of husband and wife trying to regain what they'd lost… I thought it was very well written. This is definitely a romantic, inspirational story and Alex and Laren are a couple I could cheer for with a happily ever after I could believe in!

I can’t wait for the next installment of the MacKinloch Clan series, that quiet, tortured soul Callum’s story!

4.5/5 stars

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