Tuesday, August 6, 2013

All Out of Love (Cupid, Texas #2) by Lori Wilde

For years, a small group of women in Cupid, TX, led by Millie Greenway, have taken it upon themselves to keep the Cupid legend alive. Now Millie has roped her four disbelieving granddaughters into joining the cause.

Lace Bettingfield knows for a fact that the Cupid legend is bogus. As a shy sixteen-year-old, she left a letter at the statue and got nothing in return but heaps of embarrassment when her letter ended up printed in the school newspaper. But now the boy she longed for is back in town and Lace can't help wondering...what if?


"Love just plain hurts sometimes, but we can't let that stop us from loving. Love is the only thing in the world that really matters. " - Sandra

This is such a fun book! The second in Lori Wilde's Cupid, Texas series, it's even more fun, more passionate, and more engaging than the first.

I fell in love with our hero, Pierce Hollister, in spite of - or maybe because of - his cocky-jock attitude. You know what they say...the bigger they are, the harder they fall...and this Dallas Cowboys Quarterback falls hard, in more ways than one. A potentially career ending injury knocks his ego down a peg or two, and then add to the mix Lace Bettingfield's sassy mouth and sexy body wanting nothing to do with him and you've got a hero who's used to snapping his fingers and getting whatever - or whoever- he wants, doubting his cocky-jock-studliness and not knowing what to do next!

I enjoyed Lace, a lot. She's smart, determined, devoted to her friends and family, and fun in a quirky geek kind of way. My heart broke for her high school humiliation, and while I understood where she was coming from, I think she went a bit overboard with her denial of the attraction she had for Pierce, and what was developing between them. Then again, living in a small town that can't seem to forget the past can do a lot of damage to a girl's self esteem.

Lori Wilde writes great small-town stories. She's got a real gift for capturing the comfortable feel that goes along with knowing the people around you, and loving them despite their flaws. This world Ms. Wilde has created has such a warmth about it. The relationships are solid, the romances sweet and sexy, and all this makes me want to find Cupid, Texas and make it my home.

My thanks to Avon Books for providing me with a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. It was a pleasure!


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review! So happy you enjoyed the book! :)

    1. Oh, you're so welcome! I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and the first!!

      And THANK YOU for autographing my Avon Addict t-shirt!! I posted about it today on my blog! Check it out...there's a message to the Avon authors!