Thursday, August 1, 2013

Laura's Big Break by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Laura needs to interview the hero of the moment to keep her new job with a women's magazine. She'd rather stick a fork in her eye. Twelve years have passed since her disastrous one night stand with Charlie and they've barely exchanged two civil words in that time. She calls him the Neanderthal and he calls her The Iron Maiden. If it wasn't for the fact his sister was Laura's best friend, she wouldn't have anything at all to do with him.

Charlie has come back from a stint in Afghanistan with a souvenir - nightmares. After one afternoon arguing with Laura, Charlie makes a wonderful discovery: she's so irritating, she scares away his dreams. So Charlie agrees to give her an interview - at a price. She has to accompany him on a two week cycling holiday in Holland, that way he might actually get the rest he needs. He takes particular delight in the plan because he knows that Laura hates exercise, loathes the outdoors and despises him. It feels good to have the upper hand for a change.

Laura needs an interview. Charlie needs sleep. And they both need to grow up and get over the past. But not before Laura cycles into a canal, sets fire to a tent and posts nude pictures of Charlie on the internet - all with the hope of getting her story.


Laura's Big Break is a steamy, quirky, funny, friends to lovers story. Okay, "friends" might be stretching it a bit. Laura and Charlie can hardly stand to be in the same room (or tent or country) together.

I enjoyed this story and read it in a day. The author has such a great way with dialog and creating characters we can relate to. It's a bit on the shorter side and some of the relationship building suffered for the lesser page count, but all in all, a very entertaining read!

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