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Rock Chick Renegade by Kristen Ashley


And moving right along, we're now at day 4, book 4 of Kristen Ashley's 
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Jules has got a score to settle against the drug dealers of Denver. Vance has made it his mission that Jules won’t get dead while dishing out vigilante justice. Jules doesn’t have time for romance, she’s too busy saving the world and she enlists Zip (the gunstore owner), Heavy (an ex-PI) and Frank (a mysterious recluse) to help.

The Rock Chicks of Fortnum’s Bookstore get involved to provide romantic advice and guidance, none of which Jules accepts at first. The Hot Bunch of Nightingale Investigations adopt Jules as one of their own. Even though Jules tries to hang on to her inner Head Crackin’ Mamma Jamma, the Rock Chicks; Hot Bunch; Jules’s long-suffering Uncle Nick; Jules’s friend the rotund, African-American, Jackie-O wannabe, May; and especially Vance will stop at nothing to wear her down.

But Jules makes some bad guys pretty angry and one is dedicated to taking her out. Vance and the Hot Bunch have to pull out all the stops to keep her alive. At the same time, Jules and Vance learn the true meaning of home but once they find this precious entity they’ve been searching for all their lives, will Jules’s enemies tear it away?


Re-read Review-August 26-27, 2013

When I finished my re-read of this story, I had such a big grin on my face and felt so "still" about it, that I decided whatever rating I'd given it before, I was going to bump it up one more star.


5 stars is the highest I can go, officially, anyway. But no one can stop me from giving it 6 stars on my own, right? So here goes!


And deserving of even more! I had forgotten how much I adored Vance and Jules, so seeing them again was awesome. But just as awesome was watching big things unfold for Darius and Shirleen, and I hope that one day Roam and Sniff will get their own stories, too!

Up next in my Rock Chick re-read -- Luke and Ava! Wooooot!

Original Review-

Keepin’ it real, keepin’ it short... keepin' it real short....

Vance, the perfect hero… what I loved about him: Everything. What I didn’t love about him: Nothing.

Just sayin’….

And Jules… I loved Jules, her mission, her cause… Sniff and Roam… love, love, love. The way things come together with Darius and Shirleen… fan-fecking-tastic story. And Tex… ride-a-long with Tex as a partner… awesome stuff.

So much to love… romance, passion, sizzle, humor… totally awesome book.

Yep. Just sayin’…
Rock Chick Reading Order:

4. Rock Chick Renegade


  1. I love Vance, and hearing his story made me sad! I'm glad though to know more about him, and becuase of that I loved him more! This story is where my favorite of the hot bunch made more of an appearance that's Luke. I loved the caught on video camera thing with Luke, and Vances reaction. I also would like a story for Roam & Sniff, I'd like to see if eventually they become part of Nightingale Investigations. We also start to see how the Rock Chicks calm them down, with Vance & Roxie I believe in yhe hospital. This story I think had more action, and intensity. I love this series!

    1. You know, this story was just incredible. I adore Vance, love Jules, worship them together. Such a great, great story!

  2. Thanks for participating, everyone! Since only person person commented all 8 days, the winner of all 3 books is Karina Garcia!