Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Days, Two Nights by MJ Fredrick

Tess walked out on her marriage when it became clear that her husband was more devoted to his military career than to her. Nat had assumed that Tess understood the demands of his job, and didn’t quite get why she left, but his marriage and Tess are the most important things in the world to him, so he’s going to do whatever it takes to get her back – even if it is kind of extreme.

Three Days, Two Nights is a short, sweet, romantic, sexy, second chance story and I truly enjoyed it. I find that often times novellas dealing with such an emotional issue tend to come across as forced and contrived, but I didn’t get that feeling while reading this book. While I didn’t quite accept Tess’ reasons for leaving as being entirely understandable, and she actually came across as selfish to me, MJ Frederick did a good job of giving us characters who are honest, real, and likable, and storyline that was fun, at times poignant, and incredibly hot!

I’m looking forward to reading more by this author!

This ebook was provided to me by in behalf of Carina Press. This had no influence on my rating or my review.


  1. What a great cover! I know it's over a month later, but I just saw your tweet! Very nice. Do you keep most of your offerings on the shorter side (novellas? stories?) or do you also have novel-length titles out? :-)

    Regina Duke

  2. Hi, Regina! I think there might be some confusion. I'm not the author, MJ Frederick, I just reviewed the book here.

    But thanks for stopping by!