Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor by Ann Bryn

Several years ago I bought this cookbook on a whim, and tonight when I was looking for a way to "doctor" up a boxed cake mix I bought at the market today, I immediately grabbed this book! Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor is a great go-to cookbook, loaded with recipes, tips and tricks to take any boxed cake mix from mundane to magnificent with very little effort.

In the front you'll find a few pages with pictures of each recipe, along with the page number. The rest of the book is divided into sections:

1. Chocolate Cake Mix 101
2. Luscious Layers
3. Chocolate Pound Cake
4. Sheet Cakes
5. Cheesecakes, Pudding Cakes, and So Much More
6. Chocolate Angel Food and Chiffon Cakes
7. Muffins, Cupcakes, and Little Cakes
8. Cookies, Bars, and Brownies,
9. Frostings
20. Conversion Table
11. Chocolate Cake Glossary

We've made the Old-Fashioned Devil's Food Cake with Fluffy Chocolate Frosting so many times that the page is not just wrinkled and *gasp* dog-eared, but there are chocolate smudges all over it, too! Another favorite is the German Chocolate Cake recipe, and just tonight I found the Upside Down German Chocolate Cake recipe. I have no idea how that one escaped my notice!

Anyway, I can't recommend this book highly enough - it doesn't get easier than this!

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